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  • rage and melancholia: the virgin suicides

    rage and melancholia: the virgin suicides

    Last night I revisited a movie that left a deep yet vague impression in my teenage mind the first time I watched it, over 10 years ago: Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides. I watched it because earlier in the week I read Jeffrey Eugenides’s novel on which the film is based for a class. The novel […]

  • The World’s Loving Indifference: Mary Oliver’s Thousand Mornings 

    The World’s Loving Indifference: Mary Oliver’s Thousand Mornings 

    If I had to use a word to describe this book it would be ‘simplicity’. The poems in this collection celebrate nature and especially those aspects of it –birdsongs, water running, waves and wind, how our dogs welcome us home — that might escape our attention in everyday life.

  • Grief and desire: Maggie Nelson’s Bluets

    “Suppose I were to begin by saying that I had fallen in love with a color.”  Maggie Nelson I don’t think so many friends have recommended me the same book which such vehemence in any other occasion. Before reading Bluets I was already hyped and I had never read anything by Maggie Nelson and I […]

  • Ugly Truths: My Year of Rest and Relaxation

    I first heard of Ottessa Moshfegh’s novel My Year of Rest and Relaxation it on Instagram. Everybody was talking about it, I saw pictures of the book everywhere. The reviews, however, were not all good: a masterpiece, a cheap piece of shock literature, a groundbreaking story, an immensely boring book… everybody had a different opinion […]

  • The Many Conjurings of Piranesi

    The Many Conjurings of Piranesi

    I can’t remember the last time I wrote about aa book herend that’s really sad, but life can get complicated. Fortunately I just read a book that forced me to talk about it. It was Piranesi by British author Susanna Clarke. This is not my first encounter ith the charms of Susanna Clarke’s fantasy. A […]

  • Giving Pet Sematary a Second Chance

    Giving Pet Sematary a Second Chance

    About four years ago I bought myself a copy of Pet Sematary. It was scary, everyone had told me, but not as scary as other novels by Stephen King. I intended to read it in October, since I always dedicate that month to scary books (that one and other months, I must admit), but when […]

  • March Wrap-Up

    March Wrap-Up

    Hello there! I know I’m a bit late to publish these, but here we go. La hija única, Guadalupe Nettel Guadalupe Nettel is one of the most praised contemporary voices in Mexico and her books often have the same themes: the grotesque, bodily differences and functions, bodies in general and taboos. Although I am not […]

  • Mariana Enriquez’s Ode to Cemeteries

    Mariana Enriquez’s Ode to Cemeteries

    A couple of years ago I became acquainted with Mariana Enriquez’s storytelling. I since marvel at the Argentinian writer’s talent to conjure up such terrifying stories from the daily Latin American everyday violence. She is one of the few contemporary writers that creep me out (in a good way, I guess) and when I discovered […]

  • The Newness of Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf

    The Newness of Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf

    I just read one of those books everybody reads in high school. Since I can remember being a reader and making reading lists, Steppenwolf has been on my radar; many people in several different places and contexts had recommended the book to me, and I can’t really say why it took me so long to […]

  • The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa

    The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa

    Translated from the Japanese in 2019, this is a mesmerizing book that submerges you in its dystopic winter. It is the story of a novelist in an unnamed island where things have begun to disappear: hats, birds, photographs and even boats…

  • My Favourite Books of 2020

    My Favourite Books of 2020

    2020 was a terrible year for almost everyone and everything. However, books were a silver lining for many of us and confinement is definitely an excuse for reading through the day.

  • Cosy Reads for Christmas

    Cosy Reads for Christmas

    I can’t believe it’s December already! This year went by so fast, but I hope I’m not too late to recommend some of my favorite reads for these bleak and short days. Although I don’t really have vacations now, I remember December being my favourite month to tackle my reading list, back when I studied […]