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  • Giving Pet Sematary a Second Chance

    Giving Pet Sematary a Second Chance

    About four years ago I bought myself a copy of Pet Sematary. It was scary, everyone had told me, but not as scary as other novels by Stephen King. I intended to read it in October, since I always dedicate that month to scary books (that one and other months, I must admit), but when […]

  • Mariana Enriquez’s Ode to Cemeteries

    Mariana Enriquez’s Ode to Cemeteries

    A couple of years ago I became acquainted with Mariana Enriquez’s storytelling. I since marvel at the Argentinian writer’s talent to conjure up such terrifying stories from the daily Latin American everyday violence. She is one of the few contemporary writers that creep me out (in a good way, I guess) and when I discovered […]