That two paths run parallel

without ever crossing

That I look down at my shoes right

when you pass me by,

looking up because rain’s starting to fall or

That the same rain becomes a rainstorm

and you can’t leave to meet me later

That we don’t take the same elevator

just for seconds

and you never ask my name

That your parents never meet,

that you’re allergic to dogs or

that you do as I say when I tell you to go away

That we’re not meant to know each other

That were not meant to be apart

That we’re not meant,

or our paths designed,

or our stars aligned

That we have no stars or

that stars don’t care for us,

that the leaves on your teacup

are left unread &

no one strokes lightly the lines

of the palms of your hands

or traces with kisses the blue veins

that go from your wrists to your chest

as if they hid something

other than blood

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